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All property in Clopper's Mill is encumbered by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the association. At the time of property purchase, all buyers agree to be legally bound by the legal documents of the association including the covenants. In addition, all buyers sign a statement that they have received and read a copy of the covenants. 

Covenants Highlights
  • Architectural Control - No additions or changes to the exterior of a lot may be performed without approval by the Board of Directors. This includes any alteration in exterior color, alteration of landscaping, or fencing of property. Sheds, pens, kennels, and outdoor clothes drying are expressly forbidden. To obtain approval for a change, submit your plans and specifications for the change to the association using an architectural change form. Approval for any alteration must be obtained before any changes are implemented.
  • Disclaimer - These highlights are not a legal document and are intended for general informational purposes only. In the case of inconsistencies with or omissions from the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions will apply.
  • Exterior Maintenance - Each owner must keep each lot and building in good order and repair, and free of debris. This includes watering and mowing lawns and painting buildings consistent with good property management. The Board of Directors may make repairs and perform maintenance to restore a lot at the cost of the owner who fails to maintain the property.
  • Leasing - The lease agreement with a renter must provide that the terms of the lease are subject to the association legal documents and that failure to comply  with the terms of the association legal documents shall be a default under the lease. In addition, all leases must be in writing, and a copy must be filed with the association.
    The Montgomery County Code, Chapter 29, requires that owners be licensed before renting their homes. Submit a Rental Facility License Application to the Licensing & Registration office of the Division of Consumer Affairs along with the annual license fee. Failure to obtain a rental license is a Class A violation and may subject the homeowner to pay a civil fine as a penalty.
  • Membership - Each lot in the community has one vote.
  • Pets - Animals such as dogs and cats may be kept as domestic pets. Pets are permitted on the common areas either leashed or carried. Pet owners must clean up any solid waste deposited by their pet on the common areas. The Board of Directors has the authority, after a hearing, to determine whether a particular pet is a nuisance or a source of annoyance to other members of the association.  
  • Roads - The roads in the single family home areas as well as Cloppers Mill Dr. and Mateny Rd. are county roads. These roads along with the associated street lights, sidewalks and driveway aprons are maintained by Montgomery County. County roads are salted, sanded and plowed for snow and ice by the county. The roads and parking areas for the townhouses are owned by and maintained by the association using the monthly townhouse lot maintenance assessment. The roads and parking areas for the condominiums are owned by and maintained by the Riverstone condominium association using the monthly condominium maintenance assessment. 
  • Townhouse Parking - Each townhouse is entitled to not more than two (2) parking spaces within the townhouse area. For townhouses with driveways and garages, the two parking spaces for the home are met by the garage and the driveway.