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The Clopper's Mill community has contracted for the following major services:
  • Community Property Management - Property Management People, Inc. (PMP) (301-963-3337, ext. 2202 - Office; 240-361-0649 - Fax), Website. This contract covers all aspects of property management for the community.
  • Landscaping
    • Turf and general maintenance of common areas including aeration and over seeding and, fertilization and weed treatment.
    • Tree and shrub pruning and maintenance including pruning, fertilization, insecticide/fungicide spraying and disease treatment, and mulching of shrub/flower beds and tree rings.
    • Annual plantings and maintenance.
    • Snow removal.
  • Pool Management
  • Trash Removal
    • Scheduled days are Mondays and Thursdays. There is no trash pickup on New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day; if a scheduled pickup day falls on these holidays, pickup will occur on the next scheduled pickup date. Trash is picked up on all other holidays.
    • Reminder: Only garbage in trash bags will be collected. Do not leave bulk items for trash pick up. Removal of bulk items costs the Association because the Association is billed per bulk item pick up. Please report anyone dumping bulk items to the Community Management (description and address of person, date, time, and location of event). Your report will remain confidential. 
  • Snow Removal