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Snow Policy Reminder

posted Jan 21, 2016, 12:00 PM by Cloppers Mill Community Association   [ updated Dec 28, 2016, 7:01 AM ]
Please (view the full snow policy) and take note of the tips listed below. 

Please lend a hand to your neighbors and be safe during the storm:
  1. Keep the main entrance and driving lanes of the community open for ingress/egress (entrance/exit).
  2. When the snow stops and after a number of vehicles have departed, our snow contractor will return to clear the main driving areas. The snow contractor is not contracted to and will not plow parking spaces due to the snow (particularly wet snow) possibly causing damage. 
  3. Follow-up visit(s) may be warranted for more plowing or apply materials to the streets and roads.
  4. Once the snow has stopped, association-owned sidewalks will be cleared.
  5. If a vehicle is abandoned in a street or driving lane, the snow plow contractors will plow around it as best they can.
  6. Reminder: it is impossible to plow snow and not leave a mound behind parked vehicles, especially in town home sections.